Our History

Our journey began in 1975 when Theodore “Ted” Zeigler founded Nomadic Display. Nomadic Display was a pioneer in the exhibit industry. Zeigler created the first self-locking pop-up display, ‘Instand,’ after studying R. Buckminister Fuller’s geodesic design guidelines. Zeigler founded Nomadic Display to manufacture and market his invention to the rest of the world.

A Quick Rundown on Glorious Years Of Experience




Nomadic Display Inc. was founded in the United States by the inventor of the pioneering pop-up display stand that has revolutionised the display industry in developing countries and emerging markets.




A European manufacturing hub has been established in Louisburgh, Co. Mayo. Nomadic Display Inc. opted to open a manufacturing unit in Europe to better serve its customers.


We have served wholesalers throughout Europe and beyond from our factory in the west of Ireland.



M.D. Jerome Gannon acquired Nomadic Display from the United States of America. Nomadic Display is happy to be an Irish-owned business based in the west of Ireland, producing 100% Irish-made products for global distribution.


We helped businesses all over Ireland continue selling in the toughest period of the 20th century with custom covid products designed to limit social contact and keep customers safe.  




Our official distributor in Ireland, www.creo.ie has teamed with Nomadic Display.

You can now order your exhibition or display solution directly from Nomadic Display, and together with Creo, we will proceed to provide unrivalled quality and service in the exhibition sector.


What we do

We have over 40 Years of experience working in the Exhibition Industry, assisting clients of all sizes and requirements.

100% manufactured in ireland

Did you know?

Manufactured in Ireland……

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