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Quick Turnaround Times: Embracing the Emirates Challenge

emirates fly better pop stand

Client: Emirates, one of the world’s leading airline companies known for its exceptional in-flight services and expansive global network.


  • Emirates’ booth was a resounding success at the trade show. It not only represented the brand’s ethos of luxury and innovation but also stood as a testament to Nomadic Display’s ability to deliver quality under pressure.
  • Despite the short preparation time, the booth drew significant attention and facilitated meaningful engagement, with many attendees expressing interest in Emirates’ showcased innovations.
  • The brand received praise not just for its showcased innovations but also for the impressive exhibition display, further cementing Emirates’ reputation for excellence in all endeavors.
  • This case underscores Nomadic Display’s commitment to quality, efficiency, and client satisfaction, even when faced with the most stringent of deadlines.

Emirates made a last-minute decision to participate in a high-profile aviation trade show. The aim was to showcase their latest first-class cabin designs and revolutionary in-flight services. With a tight deadline looming, they needed a standout exhibition solution that would be ready in time without compromising on the quality, elegance, and grandeur the brand is synonymous with.

The Nomadic Display Solution:

  • Swift Conceptualization: Leveraging their expertise in aviation industry trends, the Nomadic Display team quickly conceptualized a design that would highlight the luxuries and innovations of Emirates’ new first-class cabin.
  • Efficient Production & Assembly: To meet the tight deadline, Nomadic Display engaged its best craftsmen and utilized state-of-the-art machinery for rapid and precision production. The modular design approach ensured swift assembly at the venue.
  • Digital Integration: Recognizing Emirates’ commitment to cutting-edge technology, Nomadic Display incorporated interactive digital touchpoints. These allowed attendees to virtually experience the new in-flight services and first-class amenities.
  • Dedicated Project Management: A dedicated project manager was assigned to ensure a seamless flow from design to on-site assembly. This ensured timely updates and quick decision-making, essential given the time constraints.
  • Logistical Mastery: Understanding the importance of on-time delivery, Nomadic Display coordinated with trusted logistics partners to ensure the exhibit materials reached the venue promptly and in pristine condition.

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